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Tow Truck Insurance

Own a towing business? Having trouble finding tow truck insurance? Ararat Insurance Services can help. We specialize in providing tow truck insurance for:

Two Truck Insurance

General Liability
Discounted Rates
In addition to tow truck insurance, we offer general liability, on hook, garage keepers legal and property coverage. We will help you to select the appropriate coverage for your business, maximize your protection and minimize your payments. Contact us today for a same day quote!

Dealer Liability Insurance

Antique & Classic Auto Sales
Consignment Autos
Emergency Vehicle Sales
Farm Equipment & Construction Equip.
Golf Cart Sales & Srvc.
New, Used Motorcycle
New, Used Trailer Sales, Utility, Horse, RV
Used Auto Sales, Wholesale & Retail
Used Truck/Semi-Trailer
Used Motorhome / RV / Buses
ATV, Snowmobile, Jet Ski